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About Blue Ribbon Agency LLC

Blue Ribbon Agency LLC is staffed by former law enforcement officers and current military officer as well as other operatives who have years of experience in the public and private sectors!

Pat Yodice has graduated from the Miami Dade Community College' s Criminal Justice Program / Police Academy and over four hundred and eighty hours of accident and crime scene investigation and reconstruction. She has also completed numerous hours of training in the Investigative and Criminal Justice Studies. She is the Owner of Blue Ribbon Investigative Institute and is the main instructor of the Intern Course regulated by the Department of Education and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services with hundreds of graduates from the course. Her motto is "Leave no stone unturned" until we get the answers.

While the case is being worked, an update will be provided to you in a timely manner by telephone, email and even text your choice. 

At Blue Ribbon Agency LLC we know that Protecting one’s family and business is probably the most important issue facing the public today. We work to protect everyone, especially children by identifying and remedying potentially dangerous situations.

Contact Pat Yodice now....Click on her name or call 727-278-9573

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